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Product Overview

Tended with loving care in the spring-fed Himalayan foothills, Sarvottam Royal basmati rice has a gracious aroma and scrumptious taste to help serve an imperial feast and a celebration of good food.

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25Kg - Rs. 899/-


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Sarvottam is a renowned basmati rice brand of Veer Overseas which adds an extra value to your everyday meals by presenting nature’s finest offering. A grain without compare, Sarvottam's stands tall on account of tenderness, delectable taste and an essence that can mesmerize food lovers.

Nutritional Facts

Per 100 grams Uncooked Rice

1 Energy 355 kcal
2 Fat 1.35 gm
3 Carbohydrates 78.76 gm
4 Protein 7.01 gm
5 Dietary Fiber 1.35 gm
6 Sodium 0.84 mg
7 Calcium 4.31 mg
8 Iron 0.23 mg
9 Thiamine 0.18 mg
10 Niacin 1.16 mg

For more than five decades, Veer Overseas Ltd. has been providing a wide range of quality Indian basmati rice to over 1 million households worldwide. At Veer Overseas, our commitment to deliver superior quality, makes us one of the most reputed basmati rice brands in the world.