dilshad white premium basmati rice

“Food is 10% what is given to you and 90% how you react to it”

Scrumptious and flavorful, Dilshad White Premium Sella basmati rice evokes a delightful aroma, which is infused with the true attribute of basmati. Psst! The grains have an appealing lustre and taste, to impress the diners at the very first bite.

Available in SKUs: 25Kg, 10Kg


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Dilshad white premium rice


Dilshad presents an array of Golden Sella’ basmati rice, we have various types of basmati rice such as Dilshad white XXXL, Dilshad white regular, where the grains are steamed along with the husk and then dried for milling to de-husk in order to lock the essential nutrients inside. The grain modifies to a golden color and boasts a high flair for absorbing flavors, making it a popular choice for rice preparations like Pulaos, Biryanis, fried rice and much more!


Per 100 grams Uncooked Rice

1Energy355 kcal
2Fat1.35 gm
3Carbohydrates78.76 gm
4Protein7.01 gm
5Dietary Fiber1.35 gm
6Sodium0.84 mg
7Calcium4.31 mg
8Iron0.23 mg
9Thiamine0.18 mg
10Niacin1.16 mg
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