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Product Overview

Bring in wellness along with the mesmerizing taste and the alluring aroma of Dilshad Gold Special basmati rice. Grown with care in the Himalayan uplands, this golden sella rice is a perfect concoction of health and taste.

Available in SKUs: 25Kg, 10Kg

25Kg - Rs. 2450/-

10Kg - Rs. 1199/-

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Dilshad presents an array of Golden Sella’ basmati rice, where the grains are steamed along with the husk and then dried for milling to de-husk in order to lock the essential nutrients inside. The grain modifies to a golden color and boasts a high flair for absorbing flavors, making it a popular choice for rice preparations like Pulaos, Biryanis, fried rice and much more!

Nutritional Facts

Per 100 grams Uncooked Rice

1 Energy 355 kcal
2 Fat 1.35 gm
3 Carbohydrates 78.76 gm
4 Protein 7.01 gm
5 Dietary Fiber 1.35 gm
6 Sodium 0.84 mg
7 Calcium 4.31 mg
8 Iron 0.23 mg
9 Thiamine 0.18 mg
10 Niacin 1.16 mg

For more than five decades, Veer Overseas Ltd. has been providing a wide range of quality Indian basmati rice to over 1 million households worldwide. At Veer Overseas, our commitment to deliver superior quality, makes us one of the most reputed basmati rice brands in the world.