Indian Basmati Rice Exporter: Tradition, Quality, and Global Excellence

Indian Basmati Rice Exporter: Tradition, Quality, and Global Excellence

As one of the leading exporters of Indian basmati rice, we are extremely proud to introduce foodies all over the world to Indian flavors. We have established ourselves as a reliable of the best basmati rice supplier in india by utilizing our wealth of experience, knowledge, and solid reputation. Since we never compromise on quality, we are the go-to option for consumers looking for this wonderful long-grain rice variety’s genuine flavor and scent.

The Indian Basmati Rice Difference

What Sets Indian Basmati Rice Apart?

A favorite among rice connoisseurs, Indian basmati rice is praised for its distinct qualities. It is perfect for a range of culinary dishes because of its unique aroma, thin grains, and delicate texture. This rice adds a rich dining experience to any meal with its beautiful appearance.

Why Choose Our Export Services?
From Farm to Plate

With extensive knowledge of the rice business, we are able to identify the unique characteristics of Indian basmati rice. We make sure that only the best rice possible reaches our customers by sourcing it from India’s most renowned rice-growing regions. Our rigorous selection procedure guarantees a steady supply of fine basmati rice that satisfies global requirements. 


Ensuring Quality

We use strict quality control procedures from harvest to delivery. Our procurement team works directly with farmers to guarantee adequate irrigation, choose healthy soil, and advance sustainable farming methods. Rice with this level of care and attention has a strong aroma and flavor.

Processing and Packaging

We employ cutting-edge processing facilities to preserve the exceptional quality of Indian basmati rice. Modern machinery eliminates contaminants without compromising the natural qualities and nutritional worth of rice. After that, the rice is meticulously packed in airtight receptacles to ensure its freshness throughout transportation.

Meeting International Standards

We abide by all international laws and standards as conscientious exporters. Our committed quality control team makes sure that our basmati rice satisfies all certification and regulatory requirements, ensuring the highest caliber and safety of the final product.

A Global Presence
Regions Served

We take great pride in serving foodies all over the world as an international exporter of Indian basmati rice. North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East comprise our clientele. Our effective logistics network allows us to guarantee on-time delivery while preserving the authenticity and freshness of the rice.

Catering to International Demands

We provide a variety of basmati rice types to meet a range of culinary needs because we recognize that our customers have a diverse range of preferences. We have a selection to please every palate, whether it’s the classic long and thin grain, the aromatic Super Basmati, or the hearty Pusa Basmati.


Being one of the top exporters of Indian basmati rice, we are proud to introduce the world to the delectable flavors of India. Our industry-leading dedication to quality, openness, and client satisfaction sets us apart. We continue to provide our cherished customers throughout the world with outstanding dining experiences thanks to our knowledge and love of basmati rice

Founded in 1970, Veer Overseas Ltd. is a reputable Best Basmati Rice Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturers in India. veeroverseas Rice from the best rice-growing regions in India is sourced by Veer Overseas, which is renowned for its superior quality and dedication to excellence. 


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