Veer CTC Tea

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Product Overview

Revive your senses with a kadak cup of Veer CTC Tea. Our CTC Teas gives away rich aroma, strong taste, and a refreshing flavor as it grown in the perfect conditions for tea gardening. We provide the best quality CTC Tea in India which is grown on the tea estates of Upper Assam- nourished by the river Brahmaputra. Enliven CTC Tea also comes in an economic yet good quality variety of dark and intensely aromatic tea which is grown in selected southern portion of the Western Ghat mountains of Nilgiri.

Avaialble in 1Kg/250gm/ 10rs pouch

Brand Overview


‘Enliven’ as the word suggests, refreshes your mind with every sip of tea from handpicked leaves. Like all good things, a good tea needs the utmost care and nurturing to bring out its best quality. We at Enliven Tea, strive to bring to you the best varieties of tea like Premium Leaf Tea, Herbal Green Tea and CTC Tea, whilst providing a comprehensive solution to all your requirements, starting from tea blending, flavoring, teabags and customized packaging.

For more than five decades, Veer Overseas Ltd. has been providing a wide range of quality Indian basmati rice to over 1 million households worldwide. At Veer Overseas, our commitment to deliver superior quality, makes us one of the most reputed basmati rice brands in the world.