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Food brings the world closer with every bite.  Cultural differences fade away when food is the connecting factor. Here are some mouth-watering international recipes suggested by partner chefs at Veer Overseas.

Bengali Biryani

If you are a lover of rich Bong food, the Bengali Veg biryani is a must-try recipe which have been adored by most Indian chefs. With vivid flavor infused in the long rice grains, the cuisine would make your mouth water on the dining table.


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Shahi Pulao

A Shahi Style Rice Recipe, Shahi Pulao is a royal delicacy which have been relished since the era of Sultans, and emperors in India. Cooked with spicy and aromatic vegetables, Shahi Pulao is a gourmet cuisine worth savoring.


For rice

 1 cup rice preferred basmati rice available in Indian grocery stores

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